Things You Should Do To Your Poor Neglected Knives

Bob Kramer might not be a Kardashian-level household name, but in the restaurant world, he’s widely known as the Yoda of knife making. While cooking his way through kitchens at top hotels and restaurants including the Four Seasons in Seattle, Kramer quickly realized no one seemed to know how to sharpen their knives properly. He eventually began going from restaurant to restaurant offering professional sharpening services, and today he hand-makes some of the most coveted blades in town (and by “coveted” we mean you might find yourself out $1,300 to get your hands on one).

Although Kramer has nothing against getting your knives professionally sharpened, he does believe all home cooks should learn how to sharpen their own knives. Once you know how to care for your tools, you experience “a wonderful feeling of self-reliance,” he says. Not to mention, you can finally stop wrasslin’ with every ripe tomato that crosses your cutting board. Kramer recently stopped by our podcast studio to talk knives, and here he shares three things you can do to be a sharper (we couldn’t resist!) knife-owner.

Pare Down Your Collection

Kramer claims he can do most anything with just two knives: a utility knife (which looks like a slightly-wider steak knife) and a chef’s knife. We recommend hanging onto three, but you get the idea: when it comes to knives, less is more. Besides, how many times have you really used that cleaver?

Get the Right Angle
If you’re a fan of using a honing rod to sharpen your knives, Kramer’s preferred method is to place the edge of the blade against the rod at a 10-15° angle. Don’t have the protractor you used in high school geometry class? Lay a standard matchbook on your kitchen counter and lay the blade across the top. The distance between the tip of the blade and your counter is what you’re going for.

You’re Probably Not Applying Enough Pressure
For the sharpest blade, you should be applying 4-6 pounds of pressure when sharpening knives with a honing rod, Kramer says. An easy way to tell if you’re on point: Grab a knife by the handle, place the blade on a baking scale, and press down until you hit 4-6 pounds of pressure—it’s a lot more than you might think. “Most people are surprised,” he says.  – Bon Appetit

Things You Didn’t Know About Kitchen Knives


1. Cutting board materials matter.

Using a proper cutting board and hand washing your knives are absolutes; you’re either doing it or you’re not. Wood, bamboo, and plastic are better for your knives than composite boards; harder boards like glass, metal, stone, and ceramic will quickly destroy knives, experts say. Find out the truth behind three other kitchen knife myths that can hurt you.

2. A sharp knife actually causes fewer cuts.

The reason you cut yourself less with a sharp knife is because it takes less force to cut through anything. Sharp knives aren’t scary, blunt ones that need loads of force and are liable to go anywhere are. Use the right tool for the job and use it the right way.

3. Learn proper cutting technique.

Tuck your fingers under and use the knuckles as a guide for the knife. Watch your thumb too!


4. Choose a knife that works for you.

The best knife for your best friend may not be the best knife for you. If possible cut with a knife before you buy it to see how it feels in your hands.

5. Don’t use a knife for anything other than cutting food.

As a general rule, if you wouldn’t bite into it with your teeth, don’t touch it with your chef’s knife.

6. Don’t use a steak knife for food preparation.

Use a chef’s knife or paring knife, even if these are the only two knives you own. In many households, the serrated steak knives are often the only sharp knives capable of cutting at all.


7. A serrated knife is not a saw.

Most items can be cut in a nice slice with a single long draw of a serrated knife.

8. Keep your cutting area clear.

Don’t place any item on your cutting board that you don’t want to be cut.

9. Don’t toss knives into a sink

Sharp knives + washing up bowls full of soapy water + unsuspecting hands = nasty surprise. Wash your knives after using, dry, and put away in a knife block, knife drawer insert, or secure magnetic rack.


10. A falling knife has no handle.

Don’t grab for it. Just let it go and watch your feet. Also, don’t cook barefoot.

11. Skip the huge gift sets.

You are better off buying a couple of really good knives than a huge block set of mediocre knives.

12. Safety first.

Brace your cutting board with a kitchen towel for more stability.


13. The blade is for cutting, not corralling.

Many people use the blade edge of a knife to corral the food to the edge of the board. Avoid using the blade of the knife to sweep things off the board, instead turn it over and use the spine of the knife to keep the working edge sharp.

Picking The Right Kitchen Knife Set

20140310-kenji-knives-food-lab-02-thumb-625xauto-388528There is absolutely no skipping a kitchen knife set for a chef. That is if you need to make anything at all as simple as a meal at home.The knifes usefulness in food preparation is second to none.No doubt,you will use it for everything! ,and I actually cant stress how it is essential to buy the best kitchen knives set.

The most popular kitchen knives range six inches wide to ten inches long,and many top quality models have various sizes to choose from.Right here is the best chef knives set reviews for you to consider:

The Wustof Classic 7-piece Walnut Knife  all purpose classic set has the most important knives for home kitchen use.With pull-apart shears and a honing metallic stainless steel,I am confident these long lasting,sharp chef knife will give you years of use.

These forged high-carbon metallic knives are incredibly sharp,and they are heavy enough to handle fibrous,tough vegetables like butternut squash.Among all kitchen knives tested,it sets quite grippy comfort and ease shaped handles for a comfortable hold. For retail price,durability and performance Wustof is the best retailing for $380 at amazon.

For anyone who is buying a relatively cheap but reasonable set, Victorionox-four piece knives is recommended.The high- carbon ,stamped metallic blades are sharper and better than other sets below $100.They are light-weight and well balanced.The fibrox handles gives a good grasp when wet.It the most essential kitchen set you will require with meal preparation for the best bargain price.

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Are the Wusthof Steak Knives a good buy?

wusthof-classic-4-piece-steak-knife-set-jAre the Wusthof Steak Knives a good buy? If this is a question lingering in your mind at the moment simply because you haven’t tried them out; that makes the two of us. As I set out on a mission to get the best steak knives; I was engulfed in a York of fear and uncertainty. Given that my earlier attempts to unearth the best steak knives had been sabotaged by some half-baked products which left me disappointed; I was determined to do all I can to get the best. And yes, I certainly got the best. I read countless wusthof kitchen knives reviews for 2016  until the idea of owning them became more and more convincing.

Why did I settle for Wusthof Steak knives? Well, there are numerous reasons why I decided to make this brand my choice. First, the quality is unparalleled. With numerous designs and sizes, these steak knives gave me a wide range of options to choose from. As it turned out, all the designs were perfect giving me a hard time as I tried to select the one to go with. If not for my strict budget, am assuming I would have carried the whole collection of their steak knives because I was spoil for choice.

Upon use, the next reason why I have decided that Wusthof steak knives are a good buy came up; ease of use. These steak knives are designed in such a way that they left me wanting to keep using them. With each size well chosen to suite any particular role they are designed for, I was amazed.

My experience at home with these steak knives has revealed that they are quite durable. Made from stainless material, they have been on my service longer than any other brand I have used. Wusthof steak knives are a brand that I can recommend to any friend. These knives have never disappointed me throughout the time I have been using them.